Saturday, 9 July 2011

Recent Sproutings

The Liberation of Lady Sprout

To bring you up to date with some of the recent sproutings that have emerged from my nut, I introduce to you this burgeoning lady of the forest. She is currently residing  in the ForĂȘt de BrocĂ©liande in Brittany, where for the next two months she graces the wall of the Chateau de Comper along side a few of my other creations, including the Three Hares tor and amongst a selection of fine contemporary French illustration.

 The Arrival 

A birthday gift for my dearest friend


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I adore them all, especially Lady Sprout :) Magic!

  2. Sumptuous, Virginia.
    Sounds like a wonderful exhibition, and Tamsin's a lucky lady to have you as a friend :o).

  3. these are incredibly, delicately beautiful... *sigh*