Sunday 27 October 2013

There's a storm a comin..

 On this eve, a storm of great wrath is predicted to bully its way through the streets of my homeland, flicking tiles off the roofs and breaking limbs off of trees.  Expecting the worse, we residents prepare to batten down our hatches and brace ourselves for a night of nature's fury, with torches and candles to hand in case it decides we don't deserve the luxury of electricity. Fortunately, myself and other human land dwellers are housed within thick granite walls, but spare a thought for this young dryad, naked and vulnerable with nothing but her skeletal branches to shield her from the elements...

  Not only did she have to bend and contort her wire skeleton and polymer clay flesh as protection, but it was also a necessary act for fitting in my oven. It is little wonder I suppose, that she looks so anxious! 

When I can decide which angle is best, I will soon have prints of her available in my Etsy shop. But for now, why not have a look at other prints available there

Stay warm and safe on this tempestuous night!


  1. absolutely Fabulous!! so full of feeling!

  2. I hope you all survived the storm.

  3. I don't think I will ever look at the solitary windswept hawthorn tree's on the moor's in quite the same way ever again. Did you draw some of your inspiration from them? Truly stunning.