Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Diplomat

The Diplomat
oil on paper

For any inquiries about this piece or any other, please email me at info@virginialee.co.uk

Wishing you all a peaceful day!

Monday, 3 August 2015

Portals to inner worlds

Recently I have been venturing into the mysterious realms of my belly. The place I so rarely want to dwell in for long but a place where treasure is hidden within the turbulent seas and under dark swirling skies.

As a way of drawing my attention back to this place my creative urges have been leading me to combine my sculpting and painting. The sensual physicality of the sculpting creates a frame and a vessel for the inner illuminations of my painting. I am finding this combination quite satisfying, here are just a few of examples as wall hangings. I hope to be making more of them.

'In the light of the Hare's moon'

wire, polymer clay, acrylic and oil paint
height 12''

'The Storm within'

wire, polymer clay, acrylic and oil paint
height 6''

'Into the path's embrace'

wire, polymer clay, acrylic and oil paint
height 6''

These sculptural wall hangings have been for sale in my etsy shop. More of them will be making an appearance in there soon so keep an eye out and visit often if you are interested.

A wave and a kiss from my world to your world.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Acorns and chestnuts

Seeing from the heart of a child
opens old minds to the infinite wild
nature's unfurling destiny
from a cradle of domesticity

There was a spark of recognition as a character revealed itself to me within the creases of the clay.  Something of the spirit of my grandmother felt present. Sweet in nature, forever youthful, singing somewhere over the rainbow.

She sits in her oak rocking chair on my bedside table under the canopy of my Merfolk lampshade.

A burgeoning prayer for peace from a seed held within nut, within husk, within my hand, made by my hand.