Saturday 9 July 2011

Recent Sproutings

The Liberation of Lady Sprout

To bring you up to date with some of the recent sproutings that have emerged from my nut, I introduce to you this burgeoning lady of the forest. She is currently residing  in the Forêt de Brocéliande in Brittany, where for the next two months she graces the wall of the Chateau de Comper along side a few of my other creations, including the Three Hares tor and amongst a selection of fine contemporary French illustration.

 The Arrival 

A birthday gift for my dearest friend


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I adore them all, especially Lady Sprout :) Magic!

  2. Sumptuous, Virginia.
    Sounds like a wonderful exhibition, and Tamsin's a lucky lady to have you as a friend :o).

  3. these are incredibly, delicately beautiful... *sigh*

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