Tuesday 4 February 2014

Cornish wonders.

   Last week I went on a Cornish adventure, visiting the coves and harbours that tickle this tiny foot of old England. I took with me my copy of 'The secret History of Mermaids’ an illustrated guide to the wonders of oceanic folklore, compiled by the respected Professor, Ari Berk. On my travels I was hoping to meet a Cornish Merrymaid or two or hear the call of the Mermaid of Zennor or discover some Atlantean treasures in a smuggler's cave. These remained elusive to me on this occasion except for one evening, whilst dining in a seafood restaurant,  I was disturbed to see that on the menu "Hagfish" was the "catch of the day".  I refrained from ordering it as it bared a striking resemblance to my grandmother, god rest her lemon sole. 

Here are a few of my depictions of Merfolk, some of which feature in the book.

There were some quite dramatic seascapes in Cornwall too

The very spot where a fisherman witnessed an apparition of Archangel St. Micheal, on his mount, over 500 hundred years ago. Not too hard to believe really..