Saturday 1 October 2022

The Elemental Gene Keys

 Greetings! In recent years my meanderings have led me down a very unique path and to a secret project, one that is both radically different yet familiar to my previous work~ lingering still in the Mythic realms (where transformational cycles are embodied in the landscape) but here its born out of a vast perennial wisdom. A seed of an idea that was awakened by thunder, created through heaven, forged out of fire and nurtured by earth, wind and water~ a dance with yin and yang~ into an alchemical experiment and a vessel that will one day lend itself to being produced as a book or oracle. It arose out of my own journey of self discovery into a deep calling to unite it with my creativity, through the transmission that illuminated it. In a nutshell, The Elemental Gene Keys are a weaving together of the nature elements of the I Ching (an ancient Chinese oracle named the 'Book of Changes') with the transformational pathways and living wisdom of 'The Gene Keys' ( a contemporary contemplation on the I Ching) written by Richard Rudd. There are 64 archetypes and in each drawing I attempt to depict the collective shadow merging and into a Mythic embodiment of its Gift and Siddhi (Divine gift)

Here are a few examples. Each drawing is only 8'x8'' in size, and after some time now of working at this scale its a struggle for my eyes, but I wish to persevere none the less and finish all 64.' It would be amazing to produce them in colour, but I would need to find a way and funds to do that, and without it taking the rest of my meandering days to complete.




Now I find myself teetering around the edges of my comfort zone, taking small steps to introduce this project to the wider world, while offering some options in how folks who may be interested could support me in the completion of this rather ambitious piece of work, while being the first to see these magical beings birthed and get exclusive behind the scenes content.

 This year I have been, and will continue to, regularly post each drawing for the first time, in the sequence corresponding to the zodiacal I Ching calendar, here on my Patreon page 

 Some folks have expressed that they would prefer to donate, which I would be so grateful to receive and would put to good use, which can be done so here~    Paypal

or through my Linktree 

My wish is to continue to develop and evolve this and apply them in all sorts of creative and practical ways, both online, in community and one day in a tangible form. Offering a mirror for our remembering of our higher purpose in life and our greater compassionate nature. 

With love and abundance,