Saturday, 27 August 2016

Widdershins 2016

 Greetings from my dwelling near the gateway to the high moors. There are usually a few personal obstacles along my path that obstruct a regular flowing of meanderings here, which I hope to eventually clear away, but I can reveal a current exhibition taking place which is full of magical delights for the mind, heart and soul. Widdershins, Pathways to the Fearie Realm, is an exhibition of Moorland Mythic Art in Devon. Three years ago there was an exhibition of the same name, in the same gallery, which was a great success. You can see my blog post about it here.  Eager to evoke the realm of myth and magic again the lovely folk at Green Hill Arts Gallery called upon our artistry to create a world where people could walk in and be both enchanted and comforted. Once again the curators did a fantastic job. All of the same artists were involved including a few more renowned artists, which added to a very diverse array of expression throughout. Artists Alan Lee, Brian Froud, Wendy Froud, Terri Windling, David Wyatt, Neil Wilkinson Cave, Marja Lee, Pauline Lee, Rima Staines, Danielle Barlow, Angharad Barlow, Hazel Brown.

Here is a taste of some of the many flavours of expression in paint, pencil, clay, fabric, wood, silver,  bronze, animation, illustration and written word.

In the company of faery folk in various states of being and becoming. 
with Wendy Froud's Moth Faery

A Lady Sprout, Prayer seed, and an angel in a shell, made of polymer clay and acrylic.

'Onion tears' being consoled by a passing snail.

Wendy Froud's 'Faery Godmother's day out' with  Hazel Brown's handmade Faery boxes and handwritten faery books

Throughout the exhibition Terri Windling masterfully wrote quotes on the walls by well known writers and artists. Here is one nestled in between my 'Red Riding Hood' and 'Into the path's embrace' wall sculptures.

"There were always tales passed from mother to daughter, father to son. Down through the generations they came, so that we would never forget that place, that magic, that elemental and awesome power that abided in our forbears. In each generation the power of the tale rests with us, the storytellers" -Evangeline Walton- Novelist

Celeste, Bronze hare by Paul Kidby

'Imbolc' watercolour painting by Marja Lee 
Marja is my mother. She was fashion illustrator back in the 1960s and now works on intuitive paintings supported by co-creative science, a method of working in harmony with nature and nature spirits.

detail of 'Spiral Dance' watercolour painting by Marja Lee

                                 'Maiden, Mother, Crone' oil on wood by  Rima Staines.
See how Rima, Tom and boy are getting on in Hedgespoken, a vehicle for the imagination

Still from 'Orla, Wren, Fish and Doll', animation by Rima Staines

 Detail of 'The Language of Trees' collage by Terri Windling

Detail of 'But the youngest bunny could not sleep' collage by Terri Windling

      Faery Princess, Faery mirror, Pressed faery, Melch Dick by Brian Froud

Detail of 'Green Man' by Neil Wilkinson Cave

Detail of 'Wistman's wood' by Hazel Brown

Detail of 'Discworld' Limited edition print by Paul Kidby

'Spinning moonlight' by David Wyatt
'Merwyng' drawing by Marja Lee
'The Mariner' drawing by Alan Lee
'Merfolk Village' illustration by Virginia Lee
'The Storm Within' polymer clay sculpture by Virginia Lee

'Orthanc' watercolour illustration for The Lord of the Rings
'Light in the woods' illustration for 'Merlin Dreams'

Ceramics by Pauline Lee (my auntie)
Jewellery by Angharad Barlow
'Dancing Princess' illustration for the Frog Bride by Virginia Lee
'Faery of Fashion' drawing by Alan Lee

                                      'Brother Swan necklace' in silver by Angharad Barlow

                                                 'Shapeshifting Hare' by Danielle Barlow

                                                  'The Last Puppeteer' by David Wyatt

   'Forgiveness fuels the fire within' water mixable oil paints and mixed media on board. More reveal on this piece soon.

Although the exhibition is almost over, the shop in the foyer will continue to stock the artist's prints cards, and some originals, as well as other artist's work including Alexandra Dawe

Farewell from the faerie folk, for now!


  1. What a stunning collection of magic! And such a talented array of folk....wish i wasn't so far away as this is certainly a show to see in person... and your work is just breathtaking Virginia!
    Cant wait to see more on your recent pieces, your last above is utterly intriguing.... :) xx

  2. Just discovered your blog and glad I did, it's great!

  3. Lovin' this from across the pond! Devonshire is the place of my ancestry.... I LOVE it! And even named my son Devon! Sooooo, wish I could see this in person! But thank goodness for social networks!!!

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