Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Mer-ry Christmas to you all...

This underwater themed Christmas scene was an extension of the work I had done for Professor Ari Berk’s ‘The Secret Histories’ book on Mermaids, where I had painted a domestic scene of an underwater Merfolk village.

As an after thought, could this be glimpse at future Yuletides when we will we all have to adapt to an underwater environment as the sea levels rise?! We may well have to resort to the use of phosphorus jellyfish to illuminate our festive corals.

Extending the Mer theme onto tableware and lampshades. I printed some Merfolk drawings onto tracing paper and stuck them onto candle proof vases to create an ethereal illumination for our dining table, the effect is not best shown in these photos.

A fishy bedside lampshade


  1. This is very beautiful work. I do hope you keep this blog going!

  2. About time you joined us here! ;-)

  3. Virginia, I *so* want one of those lampshades. Will you be selling them on Etsy or anywhere?

    Welcome to bloggingland, dear!

    -- Terri

  4. love the lampshade and welcome to bloglandxx

  5. How beeyoootiful! I love that painting of the mer-village with the light slanting through the water!

  6. Absolutely delighted to see you here blogging dear Virginia! Your work shines bright!
    Happy new year, may it take you in hand and lead you through interesting underwater caverns of adventure :)

  7. Lampshade LOVE! They are so very gorgeous.

  8. Gorgeous pieces. (Your Merfolk village makes me want to dive right in!)