Monday, 9 May 2011

Three Hares Tor

  Many apologies for my absent blogging of late. Amongst other distractions my computer was in need of some extra RAM to assist me in the flow of my workings. Having implanted the horned mammal inside my machine I am now able to reveal one of my most recent creations of another mammal , the HARE, or rather the THREE HARES SYMBOL to be more precise. As we have entered the Chinese year of the rabbit as well as the three linked Hares or rabbits being the symbol associated with the Dartmoor stannery town in which I dwell, it was certainly a timely and locally significant subject matter to explore. To read more about the symbol’s history and link to Dartmoor and China, 
the Three Hares project by photographer Chris Chapman is worth a look.. To my knowledge I’m not aware that the symbol has been depicted in the form of a granite Tor set in a landscape before so I thought it wise to pursue it with my pastels and capture it on paper before another artist got there before me..

 I managed to complete it in time for a little exhibition I had in the Courtyard (local Organic Café) in March, it sat amongst other originals, some old, some more recent and a number of framed prints.


  1. I've always been smitten with the triple hare motif. Your interpretation is utterly GORGEOUS!

  2. Your Three Hare Tor is gorgeous!! What a nice burst of art to kick start my creatiove engines this morning.

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    Great review! I think the same! :) Ms. Alice

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