Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Mythic burgeonings..


To bring you a bit more up to date with my meanderings, I can reveal in monochrome that....

I viewed life from within a nutshell..... 

Looked straight into the eye of the Minotaur.....

Ventured to illuminate hollow ground...

And pondered the intricacies of love...

After an abundance of rain there came an abundance of bluebells this May, how generous nature is. There also came much needed tonic of visitors who coaxed me from my festering nutshell and went out to revel in the beauty of the land in which I have the privilage to reside in.

Following the bluebells that were following us...

and found my own nook amongst all the crannies in Wistman's wood...

But even after passing the prancing pony...

and the three wise sheep...

I still needed to get my bearings...

Luckily I managed to find our way home..

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  1. Hello Virginia, I am much moved by your beautiful posting. I must send you a private message, but only after I have given myself time to gasp at the ravishing blue of the bluebells, your awe inspiring artwork it is so very hard to find more words for, and Sebastian's instances of the momentum of dainty frolicking foals. Your picture sits on the piano, waiting for me to come round from creative lethargies and begging for more of my attention... but I might send you what seems like an unrelated poem!

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